You are an astoundingly aesthetic soul.
A beautiful humanbeing.
Do not disrespect the amazing woman you are becoming by settling for a man that treats you like you are mediocre.

This concept that you must audition for a space in someone’s life, plz bbz,
if they can’t see your worth and treat you accordingly then kindly request them to  please step aside.
They are are standing in the pathway, obstructing road for adequate beings,
to the mecca that is you.

Do not ever settle to be disrespected,
Your mother did not go through hours of labour pains for a person to make you feel like you aren’t enough.
“Enough” is a default setting.

Let them leave the valuating your worth,
and rather, concern themselves with the introspection on whether they are worthy of a woman like you.


​You are a December of drunken nights…
Of strangers whose mouths’ have hosted my lips and not my name.

A montage of memories,
captured in morse code,
throbbing words,
echoing in an empty chest.
You are the high in the trip,
           -a chaotic height to fall from
And you were the withdrawal,
           -the needle piercing it’s way out a                 vein,                       

leaving the residue of memory,
Of that  one time I had a drug of choice.
And it was love.
And it was you.