(India Arie’s music has become my go to place for the theme music of my twenties. She has this deep sense of longing to know herself more, to find peace, love, happiness and balance. This song is titled Good Mourning, when I play it, I think about how heavy the grief of losing someone you love can be, but how the grief can turn out to be heavier than a lost ones absence. And when the grief dissipates, so does the weight of carrying company that is not necessary or doesn’t add value to your life.

I also think how important it is too greet yourself every morning, all the components of you, the sad, the bitter, the happy, the memory, to address loss and longing once you are no longer waiting on the good morning text from another. Say good morning to yourself, and in the mist of the grief, make it a good mourning -find that point in your solitude that makes it all make sense)

Good morning silence, Good morning to myself
Good morning to the pain in the center of my chest

It’s crazy how much I miss a simple good morning kiss

Good morning independence
Or is it loneliness?
I know I said I wanted this
But I have regrets…

I prayed for God’s will will to be done

        -The very next day you were gone….

And good morning to the harsh realities of life,
And good morning to the fact we’re not husband and wife…

We made a promise to stay…

      -but destiny got in the way

Good morning acceptance.

Good morning inner strength.

I’m loving every moment even the strain,

It’s crazy how much I miss a simple good morning kiss,

It’s crazy how much I’ve missed.
Now it’s time for me to live

Good morning optimism,
Good morning to my faith,
Good morning to the beginning of a brand new day

I know that God’s will will be done…

     -So I lay down my pain and I’m moving on

I know that God’s will will be done
It’s a good morning after all!



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