1. Life is a seasonal experience. Equipt yourself with the appropriate company for each season.

2. You are a seed, constantly growing. And with each season your needs for nourishment will change.

3. As a seed, you NEED water to grow, but weigh that up with the importance of sunlight in your cold winter

4. In the winter of life, arm yourself with sun: warmth to fuel passion, and light to photosynthesy. Photosynthesy to keep you as the grass greener on the inside despite the barren fields that surround you.

5. In the summer, remember the rain. The warmth in your roots eventually causes dry cracks in your soil. Hydrate.

6. Let it rain in your summer. The gloom of an
overcast sky, is the quench of a dire thirst.

7. In the Autumn of your life, remember that the leaves you shed -though it hurts and leaves you bare, provide compost for your roots.
8. In autumn, it’s not what you surround yourself with, it’s the decay of your fallen leaves that nourish you for the next season. So let go, strip down to necessity, let fall.

9. Spring. The beautiful rebirth. What you surrounded yourself with, what you shed, what fed you and watered you, combusts into to a new you, beginning

10. Spring: “And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud, was more painful than the risk it took to bloom” -Anais Nin


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